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Great product

Absolutely love the protein powder. I am a new mom to a month old baby so I was very clean and natural products which is why I ordered this product. I am doing a fitness challenge right now and needed a way to get more protein in. This is great. The taste is good too and it doesn’t have that chalky texture like some protein powders do.

Never miss a day

I can't remember the last time I started my day without this product. It gives me my organic veggies so I don't have to stress if I'm not perfect with how many servings I'm getting every single day. Plus ashwagandha for mental health, detox, probiotics, its like 3 products in one.
And the taste - best tasting greens by far, and I've tried a lot!

Better tasting than my other one!

I have been drinking green drinks for a while and have gotten used to going into the pasture and “grazing” every morning, at least that’s what it tasted like. The many varied ingredients in this product are all top quality and it tastes amazing.


I have yet to find a product from BioEdge I do not like. Since drinking bio-edge, I have cut out all coffee, energy drinks and caffeine pills and feel more energized and healthier than I have before. 10/10 recommend to everyone and anyone.

Plant protein shake

An amazing taste! Fills me right up!

Greens Complex

Loyal to my greens complex. Thankful for this beautiful supplement that boosts up my mood, has me going for the day. I feel great every morning!

Gut Health 💘

I am absolutely in love with this supplement! Mind blown with how I truly feel within. I feel in alignment with my mind and body — living a clear conscious lifestyle. I mix my gut health with greens complex every morning. My go-to drink, helps wake up my nervous system. Can’t wait to make my next purchase!

Shireen Chand
Immunity Aid - Berry Fizz

I recently made my first purchase with Bioedge and I am extremely happy with the three products I’ve ordered so far. Immunity aid is one of them — it is spicy and strong tasting in my opinion. I cannot mix it with anything and enjoy it by itself. Looking forward to seeing if there’s other flavours!

Chris Graham
Harder, Longer!

The title may stir up different reactions with different people, but it explains my work out progress using the Per-Workout. My workouts were "ok" without the Pre-Workout, Now my workouts now are stronger, harder and I have more energy, which means I workout longer. The Pre-Work has become an important part of my program, although its pretty sweet unless you use lots of water.
Chris G

Valerie Webster
Great flavour and no crash

I am loving this product. I have tried the ice tea and the pink lemonade caffeinated flavours and it’s a toss up between them for best flavour. It dissolves great in water and doesn’t leave a bad after taste. I have noticed a difference aroubd my stomach! I love that it is vegan and clean.

Great taste

I love greens because it helps with my energy and its important to me to out organic things in my body. Also tastes amazing!

Who knew?

I'm not a big review type person, I read them, but rarely leave them. In this case I'm making an exception.
I am training to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and admittedly had a long way to go. My time training for increasing endurance, strength, balance was extensive by my standards - about 3hrs/day. I was doing the work but the results weren't coming as I had expected and my body was getting tired.
When I was introduced to Bioedge, I was skeptical. I've heard promises in the past, but the quality and ingredients in those products weren't worth it. Bioedge was a game changer for me. The ingredients are all natural, nothing hidden, the flavors are delicious and the results were immediate. I'm building strength, and endurance faster than before - my trainer noticed even before I said anything to her about Bioedge. My body likes the addition of Bioedge to our program, and its shows.
Thanks for a great product that I can trust.
Chris G


Love the Gut Health ❤️

Love the Fat Burner!

This product tastes sooooo delicious! I got the pineapple coconut and it seriously tastes like a pina colada.

Sitara Yousofi

I never received any package. Plz try to track it

Incredible Taste!

I take this EVERYDAY. Makes my body feel good and I love the refreshing taste especially the ginger kick!

Mike Mcgarrity
Perfect blend

First timing using Bioedge and I am very impressed with results & taste, solid sustained boost of energy and no crash or jittery feeling.

Bobbie Fleeting

I love the tast of it!!nothing like any other greens!

Luigi Liotta
Great product!

All natural, high quality, no artificial flavors and tastes great. I used this 2-3 times a day and am very happy with it.

Tastes great, just doesn't give me the energy I'm looking for.

Reallu great flavor

I really like this product because it has such a nice flavor. I got the fruit punch and compared to the other stuff I was using it does not taste as sugary and sweet, which I am happy about. Even happier knowing the ingredients are all natural and there is no suclarose or aspartame in it.

Christine Rutherford
Performance stack

Products that are clean & how I feel & the results I get not only for myself but also the rave reviews from my clients! No impedements with my natural hormones or the balance in my body! No side effects just clean results that speak for themselves!! 👍🏼💪🏼✅

Best Greens out there!

This Greens product is super yummy! I got the lemon ginger and love it. I actually look forward to taking my greens now. I also feel much better overall after taking it. Great product!

A game changer!

The Gut Health has helped me so much with bloating! I noticed a difference pretty quick and am in love with this product. It tastes great too.


I have been using them for about two weeks now - I have never used a Green product before, but I have bought vegan protein powder and pre-workout from this company. I am pleased with the flavour and the benefits from the Greens. I will definitely be purchasing them again.

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