When we set out to make healthy synonymous with delicious, they told us we were
wasting our time. Find out how we cracked the code andchanged the world of fitness nutrition.

Chocolate mousse or spinach salad. Vanilla frappuccino or carrot juice. If you loathe the shame of you picking a decadent treat, the guilt of prioritizing enjoyment over health,, you're not alone. Just like you, we were fed up with having to compromise on taste to make healthy choices, especially when it comes to fitness supplements that are supposed to give us an edge in reaching our health and fitness goals. We all know how beneficial it is to put all natural ingredients into our bodies, but we're either holding our noses to down a revolting concoction or we're stuck with harmful artificial sweeteners in products that are supposed to improve our health. Enough, we said, is enough 

That's why we assembled a crack team of scientists, formulators, and organoleptogists and spent two years developing an entirely new, revolutionary flavoring system based on the latest developments in sensory science. The result: 100% natural supplements certified with the Bioedge Signature Flavoring System, guaranteed to taste mouth-wateringly delicious in the ideal ingredient dosages for you. Read on to learn how we created supplements that help you build healthy habits and stay on track to blow past your goals and maintain your results.




Have you ever wondered how supplements are actually made? Believe it or not, the average company makes supplements by dumping ingredients together in what amounts to a giant mixing bowl, then pouring those ingredients into a bottle and sending it on its way to you. If you're thinking there ought to be more to it than that... you're right. The big problem with doing it this way is that so many ingredients conflict with each other, and the result is an unappetizing mix with all kinds of issues like bitterness, mouth-feel, short product life, and worst of all unbalanced pH levels.

What’s wrong with unbalanced pH levels? If pH levels are too low, your drink tastes acidic, like vinegar (battery acid has extremely low pH, for example). On the other end, too high of pH adds hints of baking soda, even soapy notes, that will have you dumping your drink down the drain (drain cleaner has high pH, too). Either way, those supplement companies are stuck with a nauseating mess, and they only have one way to cover that mess up - adding artificial flavors and sweeteners to their formulas.

Artificial sweeteners are designed to act like toxic bleach, completely masking & destroying all other tastes to overpower the battery acid or drain cleaner taste they started with.

The problem? Artificial sweeteners are chemicals engineered in a lab to fool your taste buds. What science and experience have now taught us is that these harmful synthetics can cause energy crashes, increased fat storage, stomach bloating issues, and loss of muscle mass. In other words, artificial sweeteners = health and fitness issues.


Bioedge takes an innovative health-first approach. If the average supplement company uses the equivalent of short order cooks churning out barely palatable slop, think of our expert formulators and organoleptologists as Michelin-starred Gourmet Chefs. They treat each ingredient as a unique piece, gaining an intimate understanding of their particular sensory properties and preparing them individually to ensure the final result will be as neutrally balanced as possible. Only then do they move on to the next step, delicately flavoring using Bioedge Signature approved 100% natural flavors that tantalize your taste buds with memories of a refreshing iced tea on a hot summer day, or the tang of a thirst quenching pink lemonade. Once the flavor levels are perfect, the next step is to add Bioedge Signature approved 100% natural sweeteners, like the highest grade cut of stevia leaf (more on that later!). Because of all that painstaking work done to this point, our team is able to sweeten the formula to perfection without resorting to synthetic sweeteners.

As you can tell, because we’re not just dumping ingredients in a bowl, we don’t have to stoop to using the “bleach” method of artificial flavors and sweeteners.

Which means you don’t have to compromise on your health just to have an appetizing treat.


Everyone says they use “the highest quality ingredients.” But what does that really mean? For most companies, that’s just another play from the marketing handbook, but at Bioedge Sciences quality actually means something. Here’s just one example:

Have you ever seen that drawing of a cow, with the different cuts of beef mapped out? You might not know this, but there’s something very similar when it comes to stevia, the top sweetener in our roster of 100% natural ingredients. Imagine a stevia leaf (it looks a little like a mint leaf, if that helps), with the same kind of map overlaid on it. The whole leaf is edible, but there are certain parts of the leaf that are more potent, that yield a much more appealing sweetness. Just like a filet mignon, these “cuts” are more expensive, but their succulence is worth every cent. While we’re thankful the comparison stops there (no cows were harmed in the making of this example), it’s the perfect illustration of how our infatuation with quality goes way beyond any other.


We’ve talked a lot about how we do what we do, but it begs the question - why is the Bioedge Signature Flavoring System so groundbreaking?

Because finally, you don’t have to choose between healthy and delicious any more. You can indulge in a decadent treat without worrying that you’re harming your health - and best of all, you’re supporting your fitness journey every time you do. Imagine replacing that Starbucks latte every day with a drink that actually helps you lose weight. Imagine building healthy, sustainable habits that last, so you don’t feel like giving up 60 days into your fitness program because you haven’t seen results yet, even though they’re just around the corner. Imagine looking forward to a mouth-watering drink before your training session, after your game, or just whenever you need a little extra oomph on the way to your goals.

You don’t have to imagine any more. We made it our mission to develop the greatest tasting 100% natural fitness supplements on the planet, and our customers are proving we’ve succeeded. So come join the Bioedge family and start savoring unbelievably delicious and effective supplements guilt-free, knowing you’re putting the highest quality ingredients into your body to get the results you’ve only dreamed of.

Because at Bioedge Sciences we know, just like you, that it’s truly what’s inside that counts.

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